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Click on links to view films. Some films may be unavailable for viewing until other film festivals are over.

Greg Grunberg introduces the festival!, TRT=00:42
Featuring celebrity actor from Masters of Sex, Heroes, Felicity, Alias, The Client List, Baby Daddy, Lost and Star Trek.

The Ledge End of Phil (Animation) by Cartoon Saloon, TRT=06:08
The story of a lonesome accountant who befriends a seagull.

#Savethetrees by Justin Fidencio, TRT=10:03
This deconstruction of the pseudo-activist movement, hopes to inspire people to take a serious stand for the things they believe in.

Gnarly in Pink by Ben Mullinkosson & Kristelle Laroche, TRT=07:55
Celebrates the “Pink Helmet Posse,” three 6-year-old girls who share an unusual passion: skateboarding.

Codfish by Ryan Lee & Josh Kaufman, TRT=11:34
The story of a boy and his imaginary friend as they search for his real family.

Family Farmers by Scott Keltic Knot, TRT=05:16
Music video about the plight of family farmers in corporate America.

The Last Orchard by Colin Arp, Marisol Diaz, Chris Brady-Denton, TRT=11:09
The Old Orchard Conservancy fights to save one of the last historic citrus orchards in Santa Ana from a housing development.

Flux by Chad King, Sarah Lee, Mia Montanile, TRT=17:49
Surfing is an expression of freedom for women around the world, but what happens when the media and larger culture of sexualization threaten to take that freedom away?

Adventures of Flowerman by James Castillo, TRT=07:59
This documentary explores the excessive effects that carbon dioxide has on our planet and how we can be a hero for change.

Song of the Sea trailer by Cartoon Saloon, TRT=01:02
Trailer for upcoming film by the animators of The Ledge End of Phil.

The Boy and the Bus by Simon Pitts, TRT=22:48
After the death of his mother ten year-old Joe moves to a remote village. It's where she'd wanted to live. Alone with his older father, Joe is silent with grief. When the local bus driver won't wait for him, Joe begins to run.

Toska by Kiersten Vannest, TRT=11:13
A runaway girl befriends a homeless man.

Outside the Box Trailer by Justin Reyes, TRT=01:23
Interview show in a garage.

Adult 8:30PM-10PM

The Tell Tale Hare (Animation) by Mike L. Mayfield, TRT=02:15
A fox hunts a hare.

Hollywood to Norwood by Andre Hyland, TRT=09:00
Failed talk show host Jesse Miller returns to his hometown Norwood Ohio to give viewers a tour of the neighborhood where him and his best friend Daryl grew up.

Angel Egg by Doug Lussenhop & Duncan Trussell, TRT=05:02
The story of a boy and his worm.

Fragments by Glynn Beard, TRT=08:58
An abstract film that explores how we see and visually process the past, present and future.

I Don’t Dance by Brent Weinbach, TRT=20:15
The story of a guy who doesn’t dance because of a deep, dark secret.

Nature Lovers by Doug Lussenhop & Duncan Trussell, TRT=03:53
A story about some nature lovers.

The Old Boy by Matty Cardarople, TRT=30:00
A documentary about Philip Cardarople who takes care of his bedridden wife and runs all the bases at Fenway Park.

Buck Wild by Scott Keltic Knot, TRT=04:06
Music video about separating the sheep from the goats.

It Shouldn’t Be Like That by Joel Robinson & Music by Dave Hiebert, TRT=04:29
Music video about the colonization, industrialization, and destruction of this continent.

Hello Silverado by Joel Robinson, TRT=03:43
Music video about residents of Silverado Canyon, a rural community in the Santa Ana Mountains of Orange County.


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